#1: Things I am Lovin’ Sunday

Outside Nokomis

This is installment #1 of “Things I am Lovin’ Sunday”. Look for my weekly posts downloading the things I am loving on for the week! Let’s get started with these 10 things I am Lovin’…

 1. Summer has finally arrived in MN. The whole state has seem to pour outside in the last 2 weeks. No one wants to keep themselves locked inside after that terrible winter.

2. One of my favorite bloggers Jena from Eat, Live, Run just welcomed her beautiful little boy Grayson. He is so freaken cute.

3.This Marscarpone frosting recipe. I made a cake with with it this weekend, I literally could have eaten a whole bowl of this stuff.

4. I was so excited when I saw the same little square ceramic sea foam green box I have on my dresser on one of my favorite DIY bloggers posts. #nerdalert

5.Over the moon in love with the fact that there is a cute small ice cream shop open only 2 blocks from our house.  I swear we only go once or twice a week #doyoutrustme ?

6. This cheap way to whiten your teeth at home. I remember when Becky told me this a few years ago, and I just gave her a funny look like, “you crazy girl”, but watching her wine habit and her pearly whites stay just as bright, I am sold!  Where is the shopping list?!

7. I am itching to find some free time to finish The Fault in Our Stars, that I started on Memorial Day. I have to be ready to go see the movie!

8. I want this workout tank so badly… I might just have to cave and order it today. The Fiance didn’t take the subtle hint of me emailing him the link saying “buy me”?

9. I don’t get much TV in but when I do it is Sunday night with Game of Thrones. I wait all week long for Sunday night!

10. Starting my 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge TOMORROW with 70 other fantastic and motivated people!!


Are you Lovin’ on something this week? Share a comment on what you are Lovin on this week!

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  1. Thanks for the link up girl! Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I tell them but it really works! And I think Grayson is the cutest too. Such an adorable baby!

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