2017 New Year Resolutions

I know everyone thinks it is so 2016 to make New Year Resolutions, but I am still all for them. You are not fooling anyone if you think calling them something different, like “2017 Goals” or “2017 Aspirations”, you are setting Resolutions just like I am.

I am not really sure why we all feel the need to “reset” at the beginning of the year. Maybe it is the food hangover from the holidays, or the wallet bleeding that took place from November through December, or that we just feel that we need something new to work on now that the holidays are over. Regardless of where the intention comes from, I have always been in love with the idea of setting intentions and striving to be a better version of yourself. I am not sure how many people actually follow through on their resolutions, but this years resolutions might just be the ones that stick!

Personal Resolutions 

Spend more time on my passions I find myself losing so much time. I want to spend more time dedicating myself to more of the things that make me feel happy and accomplished. And no, finishing all the seasons of West Wing on Netflix is not the type of accomplishment I want to be working on.

Incorporate a workout routine into my life- I am not going to set out and make some lofty weight loss goal. Not that I don’t want to lose weight, but it is more important to me to make working out apart of my life, rather than an ends to a means. So, working out will be apart of my life going forward.

Say “Thank You” and “I appreciate you” more– I really want the people in my life to know that I value and treasure them. I never want someone to doubt that I know how important they are to my life. We are all on our life journey, and the people we take along with us really write the story. {that was a cheesy line, but it did come from the heart ;)}

Business Resolutions 

Create Regular Engaging Content- This might seem like a no brainer for someone that writes her thoughts down and shares them with the internet. I am going to get bake into the swing of things with regular posts, and new and fresh ideas. Maybe some sassy whit along the way too. As you will notice this point goes along with my personal point of “spending more time on my passions”.

Grow my reach to 100K by the end of 2017– This might be lofty, but if I don’t make it lofty, then I know I not try as hard. This could be a combination of number of page views for the year, or Facebook and IG followers, but I want to get my ideas of there for more people to see.

Positive income for the year– with any business, you want to make money. I want to be net profitable when I go to see my tax accountant in 2018. Through advertising, promotions, and side projects, I plan to go from the red to the green this year on my income statement. Even if it is only $1 🙂

Did you set any resolutions for 2017?



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