#3 Things I am Lovin’

1. Super excited about the Cookbook that was just announced by Autumn Calabrese titled, FIXATE.  The book will focus on using her revolutionary portion control containers to create all kinds of healthy meals.  I can’t wait to buy this cook book and incorporate it in to our house. I also can’t wait for my clients to get a hold if it, it is going to be a game changer, much like the 21 Day Fix has been.

2. I have this Mug and am very obsessed with it. As I am with most things in Trendy Sparrow’s Etsy Shop. I have professed my love for this mug a few times on IG, and I know you all have seen the photos.

3.My obsession continues, because I think I need to order this mug, and this t-shirt very soon. I think I would order the whole shop if I could.

4. I am in complete restraint mode right now, because I desperately want this whole outfit from Fabletics. If you are not familiar with Fabletics yet, you should be! They put together outfit suggestions for you each month, and you are able to buy a whole outfit at a discounted price as a VIP member. If you decide you don’t want to buy that month, you can “skip the month” by the 5th, and you will not be charged for anything.  The deals are killer! I however did “skip this month”, because I am trying to reward myself when I get to a weight loss goal, rather than just buy when I want. I feel like I might just be punishing myself for not hitting my goal right now… either side of the coin you want to look at, I still will be sitting here coveting this outfit!

5. Since the Spring started, and it has been hit or miss here lately for weather, I have been living in Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts. Many of which are from Target. I just bought this one to wear in Asia for work.  The Hubby HATES Maxi Skirts & Dresses, I really still don’t understand why. The best answer I have received was that they were too much fabric. Maybe he is a leg guy and doesn’t like things covered up 😉

6. Memorial Day weekend I visited our local Farmers Market, and stocked up on vegetable and herb plants! I also planted some flowers, and lettuce. I can’t wait until I can start harvesting! I have already used some rosemary and I am about 2 days away from cutting some of my fresh lettuce. #nomnom

7. I am getting super excited for our Friends Drew & Amy to get married. Not only because they are such great friends, but they asked The Hubby and I to be apart of the day. The Hubby is going to be an usher, I am not sure he will be very good at this job, but he will make sure the guys are well “hydrated”. I on the other hand will be making their wedding cake. I have a few of these under my belt, and am looking forward to creating a wonderful cake for their day.  They have landed on a Traditional White Cake with Marscapone and Fresh Strawberry Filling– just like this cake (just a different design).   I also can’t wait to share with you all the finished product!

8.  I feel like it might be ridiculous, but I REALLY REALLY want the Apple Watch. In white.  Mostly I want it because my Fitbit went out on me, and I want to replace it with a better model. I looked at other models from Fitbit, and would by the Surge, but think it might be worth spending a little more for the Apple Watch which has so many more options. One the other had, I keep hearing I should wait for generation 2 of the Apple Watch because by then all the bugs will be worked out. But who wants to be a follower when they could be a leader? Anyone out there have thoughts on either?

9. Ummm… did anyone else notice it was National Donut Day this past week? But really not National Doughnut Day? I felt like I had missed the train or something when Donut Day came, and went, and I didn’t make or eat a donut.  Well, according to Tasty Kitchen, I didn’t miss the real Doughnut day, I just missed the impostor that got some people in a tizzy last week… Do you go for a Doughnut to celebrate the wrong Donut day??

10.  Artichokes. They have been EVERYWHERE! Pretty sure they are the most trending vegetable this season, much like the zucchini (and zucchini chips & pasta) were last year, and avocados were the year before. I personally LOVE artichokes, so I am more than happy to watch the crazy amount of recipes fill the web this summer. Here are a few I have found so far, Artichoke Basil ToastBaked baby artichokes with fennel and lemon, and Crispy Artichoke Hearts




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