And We Celebrated!


As I told you the other day it was the Hubby’s Birthday on Monday. He turned the big old…. ok… he would killl me if I told you, sorry.

For his birthday this year I asked him where he wanted to go out to eat. Normally we try to go somewhere extra nice for birthdays.  Minus mine this year was pizza for lunch, and take out Chinese for a late dinner. It was still fantastic, but not “fancy”.

This year The Hubby said he wanted me to cook at home. He said that anything I would make at home would be just as good, if not better than a restaurant. That was a HUGE compliment, seeing as how we went to Capital Grill last year for his birthday.

With that bar set, I wanted to make sure it was a delicious, memorable meal. I pulled out all the stops on this one!


We started dinner with an appetizer of Thai Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps . This dish was specifically requested by the birthday boy. I make them all the time, mostly because they are a hit, but they are also super easy to make. And what the Hubby doesn’t realize, super healthy too!


For the main course, I made Seared Scallops, Grilled Lobster Tails, Portabella Mushroom and Bacon Risotto and Asparagus.  That is a super full plate isn’t it?

I was planning to only make the scallops, but the need to make sure people are full over came me. I was worried that 3 scallops was not going to fill everyone up. I added the lobster tails last minute because I had them in my freezer from a fabulous deal I got at the grocery store for New Year’s. Let’s just say I should not have been worried. We were all overly stuffed after the meal.

The recipes I used for the meal were ones that I had not tested out before, so they have not made their way to the blog yet, but due to their wild success, they will be appearing again soon.

Lucky Hubby, he will get to eat them again, not on his birthday. It will be like a birthday repeat for him… jealous…

Or maybe I shouldn’t be jealous, because I will benefit from the recipe remake too…


For dessert he asked that I not make cake. WHO doesn’t want cake on their Birthday???

I threw out about 50 ideas for desserts and all of them were shot down. Then in the hours leading up to dinner I suggested Mini Pecan Pies with Ice Cream, and got a full hearted “YES”.

Wow, if only I had through of that one sooner.

And we all know that pie tastes infinity better with ice cream, however the Hubby and lactose don’t really like each other.  I even made a special stop to pick up lactose free ice cream.

I am an amazing wife, aren’t I?


 Well maybe I am Amazing and Funny at the same time… Trick sparkler candles anyone???


 And more importantly his birthday present was a HUGE success as well- Samsung Sound Bar w/ Wireless Subwoofer. I can’t wait to watch more movies (well, once the hubby gets around to setting it up!) . The Oscars have me wanting to watch a ton of films I haven’t seen yet! Aren’t you itching to see some too??

Over all the Birthday was a success!

I truly am the best wife 😉



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