{Baltimore} Girls Weekend Recap

As I mentioned earlier, my college roomies and I spent a weekend on the East Coast catching up.

The long weekend was just perfect! We started off the weekend having some wine and dinner before we jetted off to Balitmore. We spent the car ride  from the airport to my friend Kelly’s house interrogating her Hubby on all that is new with him.  We always hear all about what he is up to from her, but it was  more accurate refreshing to hear it from him.  Since we landed so late, we basically hugged it out when we arrived and crawled into bed.

Thursday morning we woke up adjusting to the time change and having 4 girls in one bathroom getting ready- cue: {College Flashback}.  We might have missed our first and second train, but we  did catch the last early one out of Baltimore to DC in the nick of time. There might have been some running through the train station involved. Good thing we had our walking shoes on.

Since we all had been to DC before on a prior trip- cue photo comparison circa 2010 and 2014 remake- we decided to visit Georgetown instead of all of the monuments and museums again.


We decided to bike around the city and venture into Georgetown for lunch, and shopping. And maybe one, small box of cupcake each at Georgetown Cupcake.  


Biking around the city after the blistery winter we had in MN was fabulous. We might have had a few instances of purses falling off of bikes or bikes being knocked over during random stops for photos, but we came out mostly unscathed biking around the city.

Maureen and Kelly managing the “bike down” moment, post photo.


Overall we had a great time in DC, with a lot of catch up and touristy time.  The train back to Baltimore was for leg stretching, catching up more and maybe a few moments of shut eye.

Who do these feet belong to?  We were those awkward train riders for sure.


Friday was for New York! We woke up at 5:30 am to catch a 3 hour buss ride at 6:45 am to NYC. Loved the ride, because I got to catch up with one of my favorites, Miss Amy!  In those 3 hours, I swear we talked about everything under the sun- our men, family, FB gossip, celeb gossip, work, my upcoming wedding, and so much more.  Those 3 hours at 7 am just flew! Thanks Amy for being such a great bus buddy 🙂


In NYC, we did way more touristy things. One that I had never done before, visiting Central Park! It was super fun to be in such a large city and not feel like it in the park. We all enjoyed pointing out places in the park that we remembered from movies/TV- “Hey, that is the bridge from Home Alone”, “Do you remember that bridge from You Got Mail?”, “I am pretty sure that was in an episode of Law and Order.”  After a day and a half of taking “pretty” pictures, we started to get a little goofy in the park….


Post park we took our walking shoes, or an elevator, to the top of The Rock! I could do this view 100 times over (this was my 2nd time already), and not get sick of it. It is amazing all that is packed into one little island, and how much history is in one city. If I was a braver girl, I would want to live in NYC. Maybe for like a year. This country girl couldn’t be away from corn fields or my grandparents farm for much longer than that.


NYC was a great little mini day get away, but Saturday in Baltimore was my favorite day of the whole trip.  Maybe because it involved more alcohol friend time than the other days.  We started the day with sleeping in, which as fantastic after our 20,000 step walk, according to the Fit Bit, in NYC the day before. Once we were ready we had brunch in the East Harbor. What group of 20 something girls don’t love brunch? Especially when it includes bottomless mimosas. The whole 3 hour brunch turned in to a girls giggle fest. Just what the doctor ordered on this vacation. Man did I miss being with all 4 of these girls every day!


The final shibang for the weekend was us attending a Comedy Magic Show at Illusion Bar  in Baltimore.  I really did not know what to expect when Kelly told us she booked us a Magic show. I didn’t go into it with any high hopes, but walked out thinking it was the coolest thing ever!


Before we ventured home on Sunday, we did a little tourist shopping to bring home survivors for the guys and our families.  We also needed to make time to recreate one more photo. Maureen and I sure make great crabs, don’t we?


I hope you enjoyed my photo Instagram recap of our trip.  We are getting so pumped that our lovely Kelly is moving BACK TO MN in just a few months.  Pretty soon we will have more group photos of the 5 of us more often. But the one below from Time Square, is just PRICELESS!

Thank you ladies for such a great trip and being the best friends out there!

Love you girls!!


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