We Bought a House {& Moved}!

Our close friends and family know this, but the rest of you do not yet: The Hubby and I bought a new house this past summer!

You can see from the image above, we really scored on the backyard view with this new house!

We had casually been in the market for a new house for 8 months by the time we found “the house”. We had hit the point of “house search exhaustion”- this is a real thing I tell you- when we stumbles upon our new house.

Many people have asked us why we moved. Didn’t we like our old house? Wasn’t our old neighborhood great? But you just put all that work into your house, and now you are moving? Didn’t you just buy your house?

We LOVED our old home. It was the first house I bought on my own. It was the house we go engaged in, and then had our wedding at. Even though we only spent 3 years in the that house, it really felt like ours. We watched the neighborhood change around us, into a place we loved to live.  It was one of the hardest decisions to decide to leave our neighborhood and adorable house. We even briefly, considered keeping it as a rental property…very briefly, so that we didn’t have to let it go.

It is like needing a party dress for a party tomorrow and you can’t find it, but when you aren’t looking for the pretty black dress you find 10 amazing dresses.  We were hoping that if we started causally looking for a house, we would eventually find “the one”, rather than sacrifice our wish list because we needed a new house. Causal looking turned into looking at houses every weekend, then we hit the breaking point where we didn’t want to see another house!

You can ask our realtor, that day was ugly.  The Hubby and I walked through a house disagreeing about everything. Things that we had normally been aligned on we could not be more polar opposites on. Our conversation had turned into trying to make a “wrong” house work, rather than saying that the house was not right for us and moving on.  We were fatigued, our causal looking had turned into what we didn’t want it to be, “needing” a new house. And we didn’t “need” anything, we had a perfectly great home to go back to after all our looking.

After you start looking for a house, you get so excited about the prospect of having something new you, you become determined to find the right house,  and can loose sight of your original intentions.

House Front

The Hubby and I were at our breaking point. And then “our house” popped up, and we knew it was the one we needed to have. We rushed to finalize our financial stuff, sent over an offer we thought was fair, and waited. We honestly thought our “fair” offer was going to be rejected. With the direction of the market, we really thought that our below asking price offer was not even going to get a bat of the eye. Houses were selling like crazy last summer.

After a small amount of negotiation, they accepted our offer! It seems like from that day until only  2 months ago we were sprinting from one thing to the next.  The biggest challenges were that the home we were selling was not market ready- to our standards- and the house we were buying was not in the condition we wanted it to be when we moved in.

So began 4 months of construction, realtor meetings, contractor meetings, inspections, bids, shopping, budgeting, planning and very little sleep.

Looking back, it is hard to imagine we accomplished everything that we did in that amount of time, but it was really worth it.

Now that we are settled, I can’t wait to tell you about the whole buying and selling process, show you pictures and projects happening at our new house, and recap you on the ones that took place at our old house!

Stay tuned!



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