Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Day 10 of 25 Days of Christmas My Urban Oven Style

I keep giving you ideas for which presents to buy, maybe I should share some ideas on how to wrap those presents.

Normally I stock up post Christmas on wrapping paper, boxes, bows, etc. when everything is on sale.  This year I actually bought a ton on the Saturday after Christmas at Target with their $50 off coupon.  I love the prints they have on wrapping paper this year.


Normally I like to wrap all my presents in the exact same wrapping paper.  My family likes to tease me for that fact because they know exactly what is from The Hubby and I. I also normally am the only one that adds ribbon and bows to my gifts.  I know that the extra details will only last .001 seconds once the kids get the green light to open their presents, but I don’t care.

I love wrapping presents and making them look super special.  This year, as you can tell i am going with more of a theme in my wrapping paper, nit just one single print. So far I am loving the fun I am having with the different prints and adding different details.

I thought I would share some of my combinations with you.  Note you can get everything I used for my wrapping from Target.


I am in love with any type of deer print right now.  This paper included.  I used some gold bakers twine, white ribbon, a red glitter gift tag and a sprig of rosemary. You could use any type of green you have- even a small cut off your Christmas Tree if you have a real one.  I love adding the natural element to the gift because it compliments the deer print so well. This present is for my 5 year old brother, I know he is going to love it!


I love to use kraft paper for gifting. The paper makes any gift a super blank canvas. I like to have a roll around the house all year because it is so neutral neutral that no matter who the gift is for I can jazz it up with bows and it works perfect. Tip: I buy this paper from the office section of the store. It normally is meant for wrapping packages to mail, but I it is much cheaper than buying in the gift wrap section.  For this gift, I used ribbon to create my own plaid and topped it off with a bow and a gift tag. Super simple but fun looking present.  A gift for my little sister is inside.


Don’t you love this gift tag? It was another that came int he variety box that I bought.  I used a chalkboard paper that I bought, it is slightly thicker than what I would normally use for a gift, but the matte look of the paper looks great on a gift. If you really wanted to you could use a chalk board marker or chalk to add your own personal touch to the gift.  My nephew is getting this little cutie! It is a inflatable sled that The Hubby insisted he have.


This wrap job is by far my favorite of all!  I love the winter feel with the plaid and the rustic additions of the wood and twine. All of this again is from Target. I found the little wood cut outs in the dollar section. I was super excited to see them in packs of 6 for only $1.  I also picked up some snow flakes and rounds that have chalkboard paint on them.  They are perfect for my choice in gift wrap this year. This is another gift for my nephew, it is a puzzle set.


Are you just as crazy as me with your grift wrapping? Or do you like to go more traditional with simple wrapped gifts in a variety of different papers?

Ok- I am going to keep on with my wrapping fun.

I am glad you stopped in to check out some of my ideas. I would love to see your gift wrap. Tag @MyUrbanOven in your Instagram or Facebook photos, so I can see all the fun you are having too!

15 more days until Christmas!!

Remember to stay tuned for more of 25 Days of Christmas My Urban Oven Style! 

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**Please note that I do work for Target in my day job, but all opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post. I just love Target, like you all do!**

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  1. Your packages are very pretty, and you are very talented in your wrapping skills. I am a horrible wrapper, and prefer gift bags and tissue paper (both can be saved and reused–something I get teased for).

  2. Cute! I like the butcher paper 🙂

    I’ve always liked to wrap with newspaper as it’s an Eco-friendly alternative to recycle it -and you can use the cartoon section for kids 🙂

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