Cookie Cool Down

Do not worry, I didn’t abandon you. 

I needed a break. A sugar break. A flour break. A fat break. I needed a break from cookies.

Did you know that during my 25 Days of Cookies I…

… used roughly 8 lbs of some sort of FAT; butter, oil, lard & shortening?

… used more than 50 cups of FLOUR?

… used more than 30 cups of SUGAR; brown, granulated & powdered?

… used more than 2 dozen EGGS?

… used 1/2 cup of VANILLA?

… used 4 cups PEANUT BUTTER?

… used 3 different types of NUTS; Spanish peanuts, walnuts & pecans?

… used 5 different types of FRUIT; pomegranates, bananas, pumpkin, raisin and craisins?

… used cinnamon, crystallized ginger, peppermint extract, lemon extract, sour cream, cream cheese, almond bark,  bags of chocolate, mint and butterscotch chips, cocoa, ginger and various other random ingredients?

And that was only to make ONE batch of each cookie… I did way more than that…

I am exhausted. I am sick of cookies.

That is a lie…. I could never really mean that…

My sugar high has finally subsided and I have been returned to reality…. a reality where baking a different cookie each day is CRAZY.

Yeah it has always been crazy…. but it was CHRISTMAS! Cookie Season. 

Now it is New Year’s and a time for New Year’s Resolutions.

My New Year’s resolutions (in order of importance of course):

  1. Restock baking cabinet- in need of flour, sugar(s) and butter
  2. Deep clean all the flour out of my kitchen
  3. Go to the gym so I can make more cookies 🙂

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