DIY Monogram Frame & the First Bridal Shower

All of my friends are getting married this summer!

Ok maybe not all, but I have 5 weddings to be apart of this summer. That also means, 5 bridal showers, 5 bachelorette parties, 5 groom’s dinners plus dress fittings and other various other events. My summer and fall has been taken over!

I am not really complaining about this development because I love all these ladies.

This past weekend, this lovely lady had her Bridal shower 🙂

Look at that, my name is on her apron. That was a complete coincidence, but the activity she participated in was very comical for the ladies at the shower.  The point of “game” was that the bride had to bake a cherry pie with a table full of ingredients and utensils.  The best part, she really can’t cook. Or bake for that matter. We all took a lot of enjoyment from watching her squirm while trying to make a pie crust.

Whoot Whoot! She made something that resembled a pie that could go in the oven.  Lets just say her pie crust had a few unconventional ingredients; more eggs than butter, peach juice and she came so close to adding cinnamon.  The room gasped the moment the cinnamon got close to the bowl, she took that as a good hint.

I didn’t get a photo of the final product, but it did look like a pie.  Her fiance actually ate the pie that evening, but never did say it was his favorite 😉

High five for the effort Brooke, and a double high five to Brock for eating the pie!

For the first shower of the craziness that will ensue over the next few months, I wanted to make her a gift. Something she would love, and something unique.

We all spend time on Pinterest and Etsy, and have high hopes for DIY projects.  I actually accomplished one from a combination of seeing several projects.  Who knew all that web surfing would ever pay off. Who knew?

I started with a recycled frame from the Salvation Army.  The framed painting was so ugly, that I didn’t event take a photo of it before I painted it a warm coffee brown.

I juted a nice large “V” for their new last name. Man that was a lot harder than one would think. I have seen a lot of jute projects, and they all look so wonderful, but after making this “V”, I am not sure I will ever want to jute anything ever again.  ugh.

In addition to the craft store, I stopped by Menard’s to get some back splash tile.  Since it was my first stop, I ended up with 2 sheets of different colors, but ultimately decided on the tan and teal tiles.

I painted a few letters teal to flow with the couples wedding colors and peacock theme.

Last, I set to assembling all pieces in to the final product.  I was absolutely blown away with how much I loved the final look!

The “Est 12” was one of my favorite parts. I am just in love with this trend of putting the year of marriage on items to signify the year the marriage was “established.” Signifying the large milestone of starting something so significant. Warm fuzzys!

And the peacock was the perfect finishing touch. She loved it being incorporated too, since the whole wedding is going to be decked out in peacock feathers.

All in all, the project came together wonderfully, and the bridal shower was a success.  Now to think about the next 4 showers and the bigger task, the next 4 gifts!

As much as this summer and fall is going to be all crazy, I can’t wait to celebrate everything ahead with all my lovely ladies 🙂

Anyone have any creative DIY projects that I can make for these lovely ladies??



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