Easter Peep Flower Centerpiece

Easter Peep Flower Centerpiece

Don’t be surprised if the Easter Bunny shows up at your house on Sunday with a tan! Yesterday it hit 82 degrees in Minnesota. CRAZY TOWN!

I enjoyed the weather by sitting outside writing this post for you, grilling out and watching Mr. Dewey run laps around the backyard.  If we didn’t have football last night {bummer it is indoors} we have taken a little family walk with the pup.  The Spring in MN has been fantastic so far. With a few hiccups of snow {still one expected for this coming Monday}, but over all March was a Lamb for us. And April is coming in as expected with some showers.

“April Showers, Brings May Flowers”

Bring on the rain! I am looking forward to everything turning green and Summer returning to us. I even saw the first hasta popping out of the ground in my backyard yesterday. It made me very excited for this time of the year.

Since Easter and Spring go so nicely hand in hand, the centerpiece I created {read: found on pinterest} is the perfect way to showcase both.  And what represents commercialize Easter better than Cadbury Eggs, Peep Bunnies, Green Paper Grass and Tulips from a giant tulip farm?


Assemble your cast of characters from above, and 2 vases {one that fits inside of the other}.  In this photo, I have enough to make 2 vases, but I only made one.

I really did it so I could have the extras. You know you would do it too.

Assembling is pretty easy- peasy. Easy-Peasy is my over used phrase lately. But just go with it, because this really is easy-peasy.

Place the smaller vase inside the larger, and add in your eggs. Now you really could use any jelly beans for this part. Even the ones from the Dollar Store, I only recommend the Dollar Store version because they are not planned for ingestion. I choose to use the Cadbury Eggs because they came in white and pastel colors which went great with my table setting. Totally go with what works for you.

You know you could use back jelly beans and it would look like dirt under the grass. Genius! Why did I only just now think of that?? I guess you benefit from my late breaking light bulb.

IMG_1818Next grab your grass. This part isn’t the easiest. You need to make sure your get the grass on the eggs, but not inside the smaller vase. Try your best, champ.

IMG_1823Finally, you will add your bunnies.

Oh wait, that is a photo of the consequence of being the bunny that didn’t fit into the vase.  Poor guy. I bet he didn’t even know what was happening to him.

He did remain in this position for the next hour, because after the ears were devoured I remembered Peeps are better slightly stale. You know, that point when they start to get a little dried out. You know what I am talking about, and you know you are guilty of poking a hole in the packaging and letting peeps dry out some before devouring them too.

Oh wait, that is just me?  Sorry. Excuse the craziness.

IMG_1826So yes, you will use 11 peeps, if your vase is the size of mine, to get the job done. Who knows, you might only need 10, and have 2 extra to eat. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Corral those bunnies and line them up on top of your grass. Now you can see how black jelly beans could have been cool here. Or not. Either way, this way works too.

IMG_1832Add some water to the center vase {very carefully}, and pop in your favorite flowers. I personally prefer the look of tulips.

I added my Tulips right before putting on the table, so they were a little droopy, but they looked fantastic after they sucked up some water and stood up.

Turned out to be an easy Pinterest inspired idea that not only worked, but looks fabulous as a centerpiece for Easter Brunch.

IMG_2006Happy Holy Thursday my Christian Friends 🙂


What Pinterest ideas have you tried? Have they worked or were they epic fails? 


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