Easter Sugar Cookies

Easter Sugar Cookies My Urban Oven

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Spring speaks to me in bunnies, chicks, flowers and green.

I love when Winter is over, and the tulips start to peak through the last layers of snow.  This is my favorite reminder that Spring is making her appearance.  Much like Fall, I love Spring for the crisp mornings, and warm sun in the afternoon.

Some of my favorite {and not so favorite} activities happen in the Spring.  When the leaves start budding in the Spring, it means I can get outside to start tending to my flower beds, and prepping for my garden.  It also mean it is “Spring Cleaning” time, and I don’t love that so much.

Opening the windows to let the fresh air in on a warm Spring afternoon does not get any better. Even though my allergies make me a stuffy, coughing, itchy eyed, red nose, walking zombie, I still love this time of year.  Glutton for punishment much?

Easter Sugar Cookies- Bunnies

I had the opportunity to test out a new 24 piece set of icing tips and reusable silicon piping bags for these cookies from FunCake.  As always, I love my Amazon Prime, and these shipped to me in 2 days from when I ordered them.

I love trying out new baking accessories, and knew that my family and The Hubby would love some of my Grandmother’s Famous Soft Sugar Cookies for Easter.  My Grandfather and aunt love these sugar cookies with frosting, so I added frosting for them. The rest of my family enjoys them with decorating sugar, and grandma herself loves plain.

Obviously, the frosted cookies are the most fun to decorate. I normally use disposable piping bags because it makes cleanup easy, in the trash they go! I was pleasantly surprised by the piping bags in this kit because they were soft enough to squeeze while piping, but when I went to clean them, the frosting just rinsed right off. My mind on reusable piping bags may have just changed.

I love being able to organize my piping tips, and the case that came with these tips was small, but left room for adding more tips. I buy many of my tips singly, so this case will be perfect for my growing collection.  Also, maybe this case will make it easier for my tips to all make it back to the same place. I swear every time I need a tip I have to look in 5 different places before I can find them. When The Hubby does the dishes {which he does 90% of in our house, poor guy}, he decides that piping tips go in the silverware tray one day, then in the cooking utensil drawer another, or they stay in the dish drying rack for a month because he doesn’t know where to put them. #husbandtraining

I had fun testing out all the tips in this kit too. You are only seeing the finished cookies, but there were a few many that didn’t look so cute- #KitchenFails. There are several different sizes of each different tip, which I really appreciated.  The tips were nicely shaped and sturdy.  Overall, this set would be a perfect starter kit for someone looking to learn how to pipe frosting. Oh, I almost forgot, the set comes with an E-Book that offers step-by-step instructions on how to use the tips, perfect for a newbie! {and even someone like me looking for new ideas}

Easter Sugar Cookies with FUNCAKE Accessories

Do you have any baking plans for Easter this weekend?

Since I made this cake a few weeks ago, my cousin and aunt requested that I make it for Easter at my grandparents. I am personally looking forward to my grandma’s no bake cheesecake. I am going to try to convince her to give me her recipe. I think you all would love it. Every year, my whole family begs her to make it for Easter. No one, but grandma normally makes it. It is the perfect lemony Spring dessert.  With cake, cheesecake and these cookies, I think our family will be on a sugar high Sunday.

Easter Sugar Cookies

Wait, not recipe??

The recipes used for these cookies are oldies {but goodies}!

You can find Grandma’s Sour Cream Sugar Cookie Recipe -> Here and The Perfect Crusting Buttercream Recipe-> Here

Go get your apron and baking game on! 

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