Friday Ramblings #2 {March 18th}

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The Hubby and I started dating 5 years ago exactly today. He told me he was confused on what I expect him to celebrate, our dating anniversary or our wedding anniversary. I told him he should want to celebrate us every day. But then said dinner together on our dating anniversary is enough to celebrate for me.  The Hubby booked us reservations at Cafe Maude. I am super excited because this restaurant has been on my “must try” list for a while.

In the past week, I have turned The Hubby into a Fixer Upper addict like me. We have almost watched all of the first season on Netflix. I have now seen all of that season 3 times now, but who is counting.  These two just embody #relationshipgoals. My post on Wednesday might reflect my recent obsession with this show and HGTV.

This weekend, my aunt and mom are coming to visit, and we are going to make some goodies for Easter.  I promised my younger cousin I would take her to Dave & Buster’s too, so it looks like some cooking and video games are in my near future.

We just finished our last training session with Dewey and our dog trainer. We have been focusing all our sessions on making him a better walker. To this point we have tried so many different gadgets to help train him to be a better walker.  We finally landed on two tools that work on him, a Slip Lead  and a Prong Training Collar. In the beginning we were super hesitant and tried tools that looked like they would not “hurt” him, but quickly we found that those tools didn’t work to change his behavior. After working with our trainer and using these new tools, that really don’t hurt him at all, we are able to go for walks, even runs, with him without anxiety.  I look forward to taking Dewey on walks now that we have worked through his training. Our trainer, Blair, from The Canine Coach! was wonderful and can’t say enough great things about her!

Oh- did I mention I went to a Kickboxing class with friend on Monday? It was at a legit boxing gym, and you really punched and kicked at your partner. They did have gloves and mats to block the blows, but it was definitely a lot more like real boxing than I had expected.  My friend told me mid-way through the work out that the instructor was one of the more hard core ones. He insisted that after every punch-punch-kick combo you completed you had to do a squat. I could not walk right for 3 days.  Today, day 4, my legs are still feeling that workout.  As much as it hurt, and the recovery was brutal, I will be going back.  The energy release was so awesome.

My friend proposed that a group of us start a book club, and a bunch of us jumped at the idea. I love reading and go in phases where I read a ton, and then don’t read anything at all for a while.  I was apart of a book club once, but the group dissolved with several people moved away or went back to graduate school.  A new book club sounds like a perfect way for me to get back into a regular reading routine and make an excuse to have a wine night with friends once a month.  Our first meeting is in April, and we are reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. The book is being made into a move coming out early summer. I saw the trailer a few weeks ago, and was obsessed. I am really hoping that reading the book isn’t going to ruin the movie for me, because from the trailer, it might be my favorite movie of the year!

I can hardly believe it was snowing here today. Last Friday I worked outside on our deck for 4 hours, on a sunny 65 degree day. I even sunburned my nose. Today, it is snowing and barely 35 degrees outside. Minnesota weather will always leave you guessing I suppose. I am really looking forward to the day when it is always 65 degrees an warmer. I am getting really antsy to take my bike out and put some miles on it. Last year, I put on a good amount of miles. This year I want to set myself a goal to ride my bike 1,000 miles.  Might be an aggressive goal, but I think I can manage! I will have to keep you all posted.

This coming week, I have a few posts all queued up for you.  Going froward you can count on more regularity from this blog, and all the related social media sources. You may have even seen the uptick in Facebook already. All signs of more to come!

Have a great weekend friends! What are your plans?



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