Friday Ramblings #3 {March 25}

Keeping up with my tradition of ramblings, we are on week 3 of them. I am not sure where these really came from, but I am enjoying them. This is always a fun time for me to just babble on about what I am thinking about or what has happened in the last week.

I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am.

If not, well, you only have to suffer through them once a week. Or skip them entirely. That’s ok too.

But I really hope you don’t.

This past weekend, family over took my house and we did a crap ton of baking and cooking. I loved having my family down, because they don’t visit as much as I would like. We only live 1 1/2 hours apart, but you would think we lived in different states sometimes.

My brother who is 5 and cousins who are 12 and 13 were along for the weekend, so we tried to make it not all about baking.  The Hubby took “the boys” out for pizza on Saturday, while “the girls” went shopping and out for Chinese food. We then took them all to Dave & Buster’s for games at night. They loved it. Especially my 5 year old brother. The kid went BONKERS with all the games, lights and sounds.  I think I scored some major big sister points that night.


Sunday, while were baking some more, I setup the kids to work on some Easter projects. Since I don’t have any kiddos of my own yet, and I see all these great projects for kids, I thought I would pull together a few activities for them. I loved the Easter grass baskets that Garden Answer put together, so I bought all the supplies for each of them to make one. It was super fun because while making them we talked about why we celebrate Easter, and then my cousins taught my brother about plants. How plants eat sunlight through photosynthesis<– they said it not me, and that the seeds will grow roots, which are just like anchors on a boat<– again they said it. I was in awe of these kiddos.  They are getting so smart. I remember holding them when they were just days old, and now they are taller than me, and so smart. I was smiling ear to ear thinking about the memory we just made with that activity. Hopefully it was a memory they will keep too.

I also had them dye Easter eggs.  I specifically had to give them each the EXACT same number of eggs to dye. I was brought back to reality quick that these kiddos still are kiddos, and everything needs to be “fair”.  Lord help me when we have kids!


I did mention last week that The Hubby and I were celebrating being together for 5 years and that I had requested a dinner date. I did get the dinner date, and it was super delicious!  Instead of each of us ordering a meal, we ordered several small plates and shared. It was the perfect way to try a ton of dishes from the menu during one visit.  We try to do this as much as we can at new places. We do love trying new restaurants. This one was new to both of us, it was called Cafe Maude. It was in a quiet neighborhood, small, and quaint.   We would definitely go back.

Also, last week my co-works convinced me that I should re-join SnapChat. I have been slightly way too into it the last week, and have realized that my phone battery dies rather quickly with the app. My friend mentioned that I should have a SnapChat account for my blog and snap recipes in “My Story”.  I have been thinking about that idea or using Periscope (something I keep saying I am going to do).  Or I have been playing with the idea of doing Facebook Live to show “how tos” for recipes.  Lots of ideas. Would love to hear your opinions on what idea you like best. Leave me a comment below!


And with that, we put a bow on another eventful week. I hope you all have a FABULOUS Easter weekend! Maybe go make yourself a Margarita to celebrate the weekend!



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