Friday Ramblings {Jan 6th 2017}

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I hope everyone is enjoying the first week of 2017! I don’t know why, but a new year always feels like a clean slate. All of us find our selves in a place where we want to change and do thing different. I don’t know if it is the cold of MN or the difficult nature of the task, but many of us don’t actually make the changes we set out to at the beginning of the year.  I am writing down my goals for 2017, and hope to share them with you in the next few days.

So instead of buying my little sister a gift this year for her birthday that is 3 days before Christmas, I decided that I would take her to the American Girl store at the Mall of America. When I was little American Girl Dolls were much to expensive and I never received one. I also never remember wanting one. I was more of a Barbie kind of girl. I was impressed with my little sisters “restraint” when in the store, we got out of the store in under an hour, and having not drained my bank account! I think I may try to do something like this with her again next year. I enjoyed the ability to spend time with her, and accomplish her birthday gift all in one outing.

Christmas was very good to me this year. I loved all of my presents, and have used many of them in the 2 weeks since Christmas. However, there was one gift that I had put on my wish list that I did not get, and I think I will be going out to buy it soon. It does seem kind of silly to have such a large kitchen gadget, but it really would come in handy when making some of the Vietnamese dishes my family loves!

I am currently reading American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company. I made huge progress reading during all my flights in Asia during October, but once I was home I have not picked it back up. The book has been super interesting, and I really want to finish it, but I just have not made the time.  My goal is to finish by the end of January.

In 2017, I plan to spend more time learning. One of the things I have introduced back into my life during my commutes to work is Podcasts.  I went through a phase last summer where all I did was listen to podcasts- at work, working out, while cooking, in the car…. everywhere! My newest podcast obsession is Young House Love Has A Podcast .  Not only do I get my DIY fix for the day, I get to hear from John and Sherry who I have dearly missed since they stopped blogging.

Have you all seen the new list of 2017 trends from Pinterest?  I am really on board with the idea that Navy is the new Black, seeing as I just bought Navy Dinning Chairs. Lots of yoga and the color camel, I can get on board with too. However, I don’t think I will be getting on board with sleepwear or 80’s inspired fashion, so not my jam.  Are any of these trends popping for you??

That is enough rambling from me for today. Look out for some of the great new content I have coming your way!





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