Friday Ramblings {July 22nd}

Long time no chat friends.

I have dearly missed you, and I hope you would say the same about me.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I want to be as a blogger and how I want to share.  I feel like for a long time I was caught up spending too much time reading so many other blogs and not feeling good enough. I have been thinking about putting so much effort into posts that I just never finish posts. How can you want to follow me when I am not even present?

So there you have it… I am going to make some changes.

I am not going to make a big list of promises to you all. I am not going to set a list of goals, like I did. I am not going to lament for any longer than this sentence about my track record lately. I am just moving forward.

So how are you?

We have had an overwhelming amount of change happening in our lives, that I can’t even keep my days of the week straight anymore. Seriously, at the end of Monday, I asked a co-worker what they had planned for the weekend. They looked at me like I was a crazy lady. I seriously thought it was Thursday.

I can’t wait to share most of these updates with you. Some of them I will be sharing in the next few days and weeks, and other you are going to have to wait a few months for. No, I am not pregnant. Lets just get that question out of the way.  However, life is really fabulous right now. With a nice twist of chaos.

You will notice that all my posts on IG lately have been about cakes. No, I did not start a cake business while I was away. And, no, I will not be starting a cake business any time soon.  I have had the great opportunity to be hired for a few cakes lately, as well as giving the gift of cake to family and friends.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the cakes, as much as I enjoyed making them.  Learning new decorating skills has been crazy fun. I should be sharing those with y’all. Lets put a pin in that idea.

One last random thought…

I have not cooked anything new in a few months now. I feel like summer has done a number on my creativity. I have been repeating the same dinner formula for months now. Veggie + Rice+ Meat = Dinner.  The Hubby loves this formula, but I am completely bla about it. If you have any new recipe ideas, send them my way. I need some creativity back in my food!

Have a great weekend everyone! Chat again soon 🙂



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