Friday Ramblings {March 17th 2017}

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Are you going out to celebrate?

We are having dinner at our friends house tonight. They are making catfish because it is a Friday in Lent, even thought the Catholic Diocese had exempt people for this specific day.  I think I much rather have catfish tonight, but might need to indulge in a good reuben from my favorite place this weekend. Did I ever tell you I am a self proclaimed Reuben connoisseur?  If a restaurant has a Reuben on the menu, I have to try it.  My favorite Reuben is on a buttery toasted marble rye bread, with pulled corn beef {not sliced}, warm sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese, and tangy thousand island sauce.  Just talking about it is making me so very hungry.

The Hubby and I actually started dating 6 years ago on this very weekend. We attended a St. Patrick’s Day party together, and had our “are we official” talk that night.  Now that we are married, The Hubby doesn’t think we need to celebrate our “dating anniversary”, but I still like the idea of celebrating so we have an excuse to have a date night 😉

I just discovered StumbleUpon yesterday.  I feel like I could get lost in the way this site “stumbles” you from one site to another. Its like the “random article” on Wikipedia, it just sucks you in and you can get lost for hours jumping from page to page.  I do also love that the site allows people to find my blog, which is a huge win for growth.

I ordered these new blinds for our office- Home Decorators Collection Bamboo Roman Shade– and they came last week.  The Hubby even installed them without me asking. However, the reason he was so ambitious was because he was super paranoid that someone could see into his office while he was working. Regardless of the reason, they are up and look great! I actually went to the store to buy these, and end up with 4 separate shades, but they were too long.  I also didn’t like the look of 4 separate shades covering the window, so I decided to order online 2 wider shorter ones. I love the texture and natural look that these shades give to the room.

This weekend it is supposed to be in the 50s again.  I really hope the weather stays and we can start really transitioning into Spring.  I am itching to be outside, getting in my garden.  My seedlings should be popping out of the soil any day now! The Hubby also is thinking about Spring, but in a different ways… he is boat shopping.  I think boat shopping is worse than car shopping.  There is so much to know about boats, and that can be as expensive as a car.  By the end of the weekend, I am pretty sure we will own a boat… even though the ice is not off the lake yet.

Who else is going to see Beauty and The Beast this weekend? My college girlfriends and I already have tickets to go see it on Saturday afternoon. I am super excited to see how they remade it because the original Disney version is one of my favorites of all time. I love Emma Watson, she is very lovely.  My mom even gave the original on DVD to me for Christmas this year because she remembered how much I loved it.

Next week I will be in up state NY for work, and I am looking forward to taking a trip. However, I really hope that the North East is done with the snow-pocalypse they have been experiencing this past week. I would really love to get in and out without any flight delays.

Have a great fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!!

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