Friday Ramblings {March 31st 2017}

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It doesn’t feel like Friday today.  May be because the week flew by super fast, or because I was sick and confined to my couch for a bulk of the week. Allergy season has hit me hard. My Netflix binge sessions were strong this week. I watched all of Frontier, 2 seasons of Friends, Anthropoid with The Hubby, caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, and re-watched countless episodes of Fixer Upper. On top of sleeping countless hours… Positive, I am feeling much better this week!

Last week I spent the week in a work training that left me exhausted and with no time to write or even think.  My flight was 2 hours delayed {reminding me to not fly that airline again} getting me home at 1 am Friday. I slept until noon.  Then I became sick… see above.  Hope you missed me as much as I missed you all the past week and a half.

Moving on to other random thoughts.

Every week I have at a minimum of 3 conversations each week about my Pop Socket.  People are so intrigued when they see it attached to my phone.  Every time the conversation comes up, I am happy to share how much I am obsessed with my Pop Socket. I even do a little show of all the features, “it acts as a stand”, pop, “it can be a grip to allow for better dexterity”, pop, “and you can spin it like this too when your bored”…. yeah I have a whole routine worked out to show it off. Before you ask me about it too, check it out yourself on Amazon 😉

I dyed my hair last week*, and when I went back to work with my new hair color and glasses {because of the allergies} so many people didn’t recognize me at first. I am on the fence right now of if I love it or if it is just a shade to light. I am giving it one more week to grow on me.  However, I have never had this much bleached hair, so I am desperately in need of recommendations for a good nourishing shampoo and conditioner. If you have any send it my way please… nothing I hate more than dry looking hair!

The Hubby has joined my backyard makeover bandwagon. YAY!  This is always a critical step in a project, because when he is on board, there is less persuasion needed in the finance department. {Y’all know what I am talking about} The Hubby has his eye on a shed for the backyard, this week it is this shed. I think we are both sold on the no painting, rusting or rotting of resin/plastic shed. The Hubby thinks he needs more space for all of the water toys and yard tools. It’s not like we don’t have a whole 3rd stall in our garage that could fit all of these things. I am not going to fight this purchase though, because if he doesn’t use the space, I can fill it up with all my gardening tools.   Win,win.

If anyone else a little afraid that the 70’s are back with the coming launch of Victoria Beckham’s line at Target?

Tonight it is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL here in MN. We are planning to have a few friends over for some burgers and to play some bean bags.  The bean bag game it pretty intense in our house.  The Hubby and I rarely ever play on the same team, and if you ask me, I am the better of the two of us. Obvious by my winning record.  There will be some competition happening at our house tonight, that is for sure.  What our friends don’t know is I also am in the mood for some Charred Margaritas!   Oh lucky them!

If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be following the advice of Garden Answer and doing some Spring cleaning.

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