Friday Ramblings {February 19th}

Like my Bitmoji?  My co-works are obsessed with these this week.  I think mine looks fairly close to me. It also reminds me of the TV show, Daria from when I was a teenager.

How was your week?

Mine flew by with a blink of the eye.

I have been battling a sickness- cough, sore throat, aches- for the last 4 weeks. I don’t really like to slow down, so my colds normally seem to last so long. Monday the doctor sent me home with a bag full of meds. I was down for the count for 3 days this week glued to my couch and netflix.

I did accomplish something this week- Planting a mushroom farm.  I am anxious to see if I can grow this mushroom farm from Back to the Roots.  I met one of the founders of this company at the #BlogHerFood15 Conference in Chicago this past November. I have been meaning to start growing my mushroom farm for months now, and this week seemed like the week to do it. IMG_6562

Last week I decided to tackle a house project too.  I hope to share it with you soon. And I hope to share more house projects with you in the coming months. I have so many ideas, and so many pins on my pinterest boards that I have decided I need to get my tush on the move. Why have a pinterest board if you aren’t going to do something about it?

Well except for that dream house board. I think I might need to do more than just go to Home Depot to make that happen.

I  made our bed this week for the first time in like 37 days.  The Hubby doesn’t understand that for a bed where two people sleep why there needs to be 7 pillows, a comforter, a quilt and a fuzzy king size throw. He just doesn’t understand decorating.


For the last 37 days our comforter sat separate from its duvet cover on the chair across from our bed. Staring at the bed it should be on, waiting to be put back in its place. Instead of taking the time to wrestle the comforter back into the duvet cover once clean, I set them a side. I then covered the bed with the 2 large blankets that are normally more for decoration than for use.  We slept like that for the last 37 days. This is what we call lazy.

Today, our bed is made again with the 7 pillows, a quilt, fuzzy king size throw and one comforter.

These days it seems like there are babies being born all around me.  Thankfully, last Black Friday I stocked up on flannel fabric from JoAnn Fabric.  That store really is my Mecca. I could spend hours in there just wondering and thinking up projects. I rarely can get out of the store under $100. Even after all my coupons. They really do have great coupons.  I made these blankets last week for 2 of my co-workers who were having babies.  I meant to bring them in this week for the moms-to-be,  but the day I brought them in, was the exact date that one of the moms went into labor.  Guess I get to setup a baby visiting day now!!


We also have a baby shower to attend this weekend, so the sewing machine will be making an appearance once again to use up some of this fabric!

This weekend should be pretty low key for us. Baby shower, Timberwolves game Saturday night, and shopping and lunch Sunday with my mom and aunt. Reminds me, I need to make a shopping list for my Costco run with my Mom and Aunt. I am going to go to make that now.

What do you have planned for the weekend? 



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