House Projects: The List

As promised the other day, I have been thinking about how to put those Pinterest pins to good use.  I really do love the first house I bought, and it was much more improved than many of the houses I looked at in my 6 month house hunting journey. Today, we have lived in this house for just under 3 years. I have slowly been making it our own. Some progress has been made in small ways to different rooms around the house, and then others I have tons of ideas for, but haven’t really executed on them.  Money and time play the biggest factors in the process.

To help guide my process of working through projects/ideas, I thought I would put together a list of house projects. The list will help me keep all of my ideas together, and be a place for you to see the progress I have made. Here is my list of to dos. It is very long. I guess I better get to work!

Main Level Bathroom

  • Install Blinds: Done
  • Re-caulk tub : Done. Might need to redo
  • Replace Light: Done
  • Replace Medicine Cabinet: Done
  • Trim around Medicine Cabinet: In progress
  • Paint Walls & Trim- Color Idea: Done 
  • Install this for The Hubby – Towel Dispenser : Still debating
  • Add New Shelving above Toilet: Materials Bought, need to install
  • Replace door nobs: Materials Bought, need to install

Bedroom updates

Master Bedroom

Pinterest Board

Inspiration Post 

  • Install additional closet rod: Done
  • Install additional closets from Ikea: Done
  • Install Closet Curtain: Need to Hem
  • New Night Stands: Need ideas what to buy. I have like
  • Reupholster chair: Need materials
  • Lamps: Need ideas for what will match room
  • Paint walls- Sea Foam Green: Paint purchased, need to schedule a day.
  • Paint Trim- White: Paint purchased, need to schedule a day.
  • DIY Bench for end of bed
  • Cover back of Ikea closets: Need an idea still.
  • Replace door nobs: Done

Main Level Guest Room {Future Nursery}

Pinterest Board

  • Paint walls- light yellow: need to buy
  • Paint Trim: to do
  • Paint ceiling: to do/need ideas
  • New bedding: purchased d
  • New curtains: to do
  • Wall art DIY project: materials bought, need to do project
  • Night Stand: wish list- garage sales this summer?
  • Closet curtain: to do
  • Paint Mirror

Basement Guest Room

  • New Bedding: Done
  • Night Stand: Need to find one. Garage sale find?
  • Install Closet Curtains: need to hem  curtains
  • New headboard: Need an idea
  • Paint Wall Art- purchased from garage sale: Done. Need to hang
  • Paint Garage Sale Lamp & Buy new Lamp Shade: Done
  • Paint Walls: Need to decide on color


Pinterest Board

  • Add Floating Shelves to open wall
  • Tile back splash & wall: Picked out, need to buy and install.
  • Paint walls and trim: Need to pick color for walls
  • Tile under sink- Like this idea: to do
  • Decorate Shelves & Walls: so many ideas.

Dining Room

  • New chandler: done 
  • Paint walls- Medium Grey: done
  • Sand & Paint Trim- White: done
  • Paint Ceiling: done
  • Hang collage wall: Done I took this down when I painted, need to re-hang
  • New Rug: Done

Living Room

Pinterst Board

  • Clean Micro Fiber Couches: Done. Need to redo as my dog keeps dirtying them. Done. Maybe a new couch is in order
  • Paint walls- Medium Grey: Done 
  • Paint room divider arch an accent color: still debating on this
  • Sand & Paint Trim- White: Done 
  • Paint Ceiling: Done 
  • Hang Curtains: Done
  • New couch pillows: Done
  • Reupholster Chairs: need material need to execute update
  • Hang Gifts from wedding: to do.

Laundry Room

Pinterest Board

  • Add shelving: to do/ explore options 
  • Clean/Replace Laundry Sink: to do
  • Rod to hang cloths: to do
  • Enclose all wires: to do
  • Install drop ceiling; to do.
  • New stack-able washer & Dryer: wish list

His & Her Office

Pinterest Board

  • New Desks: Done 
  • New shelving: Done
  • Organize Crafts: half done
  • Add shelving to closet: to do
  • Paint- light grey: left over living room paint, need to schedule



  • Stain Deck: Done
  • Replace mulch with sod: still debating 
  • Build Garden box: debating. Done.
  • Build cover for A/C unit: to do
  • Re-plant hasta plants along walkway: to do
  • Build cover for fire pit: Done (thank you brother -in-law)
  • Garden: planning with neighbors.
  • New fence:  wish list
  • New Patio furniture: to do
  • Add outdoor lighting: to do

Basement {Man Cave}

Pinterest Board

  • Built-in TV shelving: idea created, need to buy materials
  • Mount TV: mount purchased. to do.
  • Replace carpet: need to do.
  • Add shelves to bar for glasses & alcohol: done
  • Paint basement: thinking a light blue color.
  • Hang wall art (man cave themed): buy and hang.

House with updates

Outside House

  • Replace shingles on upstairs windows: to do 
  • Paint Front Door- Red: materials bought, need to schedule a day 
  • Add shutters to front windows: to do 
  • Deep clean stucco: to do
  • Clean up shrub beds: to do

Going forward I will be creating a page solely dedicated to House Projects.  A one stop shop for posts filled with house updates.

Spring is finally here in MN, which means windows can be opened and projects can start again in the house. Looking forward to sharing more soon!



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