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We have lived in our house for 3 years now, and there are so many projects I still want to do. I feel like as soon as I cross one off my list, I just add another one to the list.

I am going to make it my mission to work through that list this summer.  I hope you are up for seeing all the projects I have in the works.

Check out this post where I shared my project list, and what I have accomplished so far.

The kitchen, as you all know is the heart of my house. A small heart, but the heart none the less. There really is no way to make my kitchen bigger due to the lay out of my house, but there are many ways in which I want to make it more function-able and “pretty”.

Right now, my kitchen isn’t ugly, but it isn’t’ pretty either.

Step one: a fresh coat of paint and a tile back splash


Picked out the above tile about a year ago already.  I went to the store one Saturday and brought home 5 different tiles that I liked. I let them sit on my counter for a week. Over the week, I started creating a discard pile of tiles that did not work. When I was down to one, I returned the others, and waited.  It will sit there until the day The Hubby gives me the go ahead to get to work.


I am planning for a light beige color for the walls, and white trim around the windows, baseboards and door frames. I am hoping the light colors brighten up my dark kitchen.  The color that is currently there could be more closely compared to “skin tone”.

Step two : open shelves 

When I originally saw the kitchen in our house, I was so excited. The kitchen had new appliances, and new cabinets. Someone had already remodeled, not something found in most houses in the area we had been house hunting.

After living in my kitchen a few months, I was super annoyed with this large open wall that was without cabinets.  I needed more storage space in my kitchen, and here was this big dead space that should have cabinets but doesn’t.  I became obsessed with the “kitchen refresh” that BowerPower did, and I have coveted open cabinets ever since.

I have a project in the works with my super handy brother-in-law to make me shelves. Keeping this part to myself until I can reveal them in my kitchen.

Step three: accessorize 

Kitchen Update Picture

Source: Target//Joann Fabric//Etsy//Target

I love the way that open shelves allow you to use them for storage but also decorative effect.  I love the ideas above of mixing glass and golds in my kitchen.  I love roosters, and everyone always seems to buy me items for my kitchen that have roosters on them.  The colors of most roosters are dark, rich tones, I love this photo because it is bright and whimsical.

Step five: new blinds


I want to replace my kitchen blinds with white wood blinds, like I have in my bathroom.

My father-in-law recently made a comment while we were eating dinner that our blinds were going to fall down from out kitchen window onto someone.  I laughed and said “Don’t worry, they look like they are going to fall down, but they is a twist tie holding them up that you can’t see from here”. Replaying that story in my head is cringe worthy! A twist tie holding up your blinds. Mortifying.

That is how we have lived with the blinds since we bought the house. To be fair, the blinds don’t look bad, and you can only notice the twist tie if you really look, but the person who bought and installed the blinds originally didn’t buy wide enough blinds for the window. They just need to be replaced with proper sized blinds. That isn’t a hard fix, which is probably why it hasn’t been done.

Step Six: hide the modem

The connection for our modem is on top of our kitchen counter, and it drives me nuts!  And having a techie husband, he feels the need to have the most enormous router and modem.  They not only take up space on my counter, but the are such an eye sore. I have a few ideas that I have pinned that I think will work to cover them, because there is no moving them.

Fun fact for you: I wrote this post 3 months ago (just never hit “publish”). Which means I have finished this project! Check back next week for a total walk through of our kitchen refresh!!



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  1. We are starting a kitchen refresh in our home this summer, so your post is coming handy for some ideas we could use. The accent pieces you picked out are really fun, and I really loved your black splash. I can’t wait to see it how everything turned out!

    1. Thank you Reese! I will be sharing very soon the review of the refresh! I loved how it turned out. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Love all of these choices! Makes me excited to start our kitchen remodel this Spring!

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