New Business Cards

Recently I ordered myself some new business cards. My original ones were printed from my home inkjet printer, made with a basic word document template. Then folded on the perforated line.


I thought it was time to class it up some with increased blogging, beachbody work, and networking I plan to do in the coming months.

I wanted something that was really me.  I don’t have an updated logo yet for the blog, {that will be coming soon!} but thought I could get by with something generic.   I used Vista Print for a few other things before, and started browsing the site.

I think I looked at about 100 different designs until I landed on the one I used.  Simple, clean, and a pop of personality.

Here is the front.


 And then my favorite part about the whole card is the back.

IMG_0672.JPGBecause it really is true.

As a food blogger/love to cook/bake everything person, working out has been my way of not increasing the number on the scale any more than where it already is at.

I am super in love with my new cards. I basically want to frolic down the halls and throw them out at everyone.

Ok-that would be weird, and I would run out fast. So I will skip that and just hand them out to every new person I meet, and maybe a few people I already know 🙂

Do you need any business cards? Or invitations?  Or thank you cards?

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*** this is not a sponsored or paid post. all reviews and opinions are my own. i really wish they were paying me...***

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