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Day #5 of my 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge! Today I am sharing with you a recipe that has been all over the place lately- Overnight Refrigerator Oats.  I personally really do not like the typical hot oatmeal loaded with dried fruit, brown sugar and nuts.  First off I hate the texture, hot oatmeal is slimy and mushy. Second, for me to enjoy the taste of hot oatmeal, I need to add like a pound of sugar, and that just doesn’t seem right, and makes me feel ill.  So when recently I started to see co-workers, other coaches and friends either eating jars of oats in the morning or sharing recipes, my interests were peaked for sure. Even celebrities were toting these overnight oats as something to eat. I always heard oatmeal is SO GOOD for you and that it is a great morning breakfast, but I could never get on the bandwagon with it.  After making these little jars, I think  am finally on the bandwagon!

I started with making a very basic plain version and added raspberries on top. Which was super yummy and super easy.  Recipe: 1 pint jar, add 1/3 cup oats, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt, close the lid and shake. Place in the refrigerator overnight, and enjoy in the morning. The oats might seem runny when you first shake it all together, but over night the mixture creates a pudding like consistency. No more sliminess here! Easy, fresh and simply, great way to start the morning.

In my research on these jars I found MANY websites and a whole Pinterst page on how to make them and different recipes, heres is another basic, no frills recipe.

 In my world, I drink  Shakeology every morning to kick start the day.  So I thought, why not combine my new love for oatmeal with my shake? I had seen some recipes for overnight oats including protein powder, and even though Shakeology isn’t just protein powder, I thought it could work.  Again I started with 1 pint jar, add 1/3 cup oats, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup greek yogurt, before closing the lid I also added 1/1 scoop of my chocolate Shakeology then shake again. I placed it in the refrigerator overnight too, and enjoyed in the morning.  This combo was so great, it was like having chocolate pudding for breakfast! #naughty  I also add peanut butter in my Shakeology each morning because I am PB & Chocolate combo obsessed! So its was a must for my jar of oats.

I will have to say I am hooked, and these oats will now be making a regular appearance in my morning routine, even afternoon snack going forward!

Oh and like I said, these jars are all the rage right now, there even is a Buzzfeed for them “Overnight Oats Recipes to Restore You Faith In Breakfast.” Go check it out!

If you eat these already, comment with your favorite recipe! If not, will you be trying these soon? 





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