Round 1 Recap: 21 Day Fix® Recap

Wooo Whooo! First round of the 21 Day Fix is officially in the books!

I am feeling so excited, energized and great after finishing the 3 weeks!

I am not going to lie, the last weeks were a big mental and physical change for me.  Mentally by changing my daily routine, and physically to start eating in a more balanced way and get a daily workout in.


In my day 1 post, I didn’t talk much about the fitness portion of the program, so here is the “down low” on that.

  •  To start I want to say, I LOVE the 7 day workout plan! The lay out of the week is really great. Just when you think your body is tried from the past few days of workouts and you aren’t sure if you can do another workout the next day, you have an active recovery day with either Pilates or Yoga, and it feels so good!
  • My favorite workout is the Upper Body Fix. I really want to sculpt my arms and this workout makes me feel so much stronger when I finish.
  • Some of these workouts are HARD….  I find myself yelling at Autumn the whole Pilates workout.  Not that I can’t do the exercises, more so that she really makes my butt muscles burn with those Leg Circles. However hard they were on day 1, by day 21, I found myself using less modifications, heavier weights, and more reps.  Hard isn’t a bad thing, it just means you will be better tomorrow for doing it.
  • As a busy person, I was really looking for something to fit into my schedule. I have always loved attending fitness classes at the gym or yoga studio, but I never seem to make it to them in time.  With the 21 Day Fix®, I am able to hit play any time of the day I need to, and be done in 30 mins. This has helped me be super successful in making sure I complete the whole 21 days. The only hiccup for me was the 4 days I had a terrible cold and could hardly breath, and I couldn’t work out. But the moment I was feeling better I was back at it with Pilates day. I even tacked on 4 days at the end to make sure I was doing the total 21 days.

Autumn has a lot of good motivation quotes in her workouts, but the one that really has been sinking in recently was this one. I am totally focused on it, no giving up!



Now lets talk about the other half of my changes- Eating. Check out all the color in my daily diet! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green (lots of it), White and Chocolate Brown!  I have been really focused on changing the way I eat and following the plan as much as I can. Below is a collage of some of the meals and snacks I ate on Ash Wednesday- not the best representation of the normal day, but the only day I took lots of photos. It was a tough day eating wise, because getting enough protein in when you are on a “no meat” day for Jesus, was hard. I totally could never be a vegetarian! Love me some red meat too much!


So what did I take away from my new eating plan?

  • I need to eat more. Wowzer. Right?  How can someone be on a portion control program and say that? Well it is true. I found that almost every day of the week, I was missing 1 or 2 containers. These were obviously in the veggie and fruit areas.  The carbohydrates, proteins and good fats were easy to get in during the day, and sometimes hard to limit ::cough- carbs -cough:: 
  • I need to drink more water!  Half my body weight in water, 90 oz, is not an easy task. I always hover around 55 oz per day.
  • I have stopped drinking soda and coffee to get my caffeine each day.  Huge for me!! I still crave both of them, but I really don’t need them for energy anymore.  Introducing Shakeology and working out has helped me get so much more energy!
  • I don’t really like that they advertise this program as a “Portion Control” program. I personally think it actually is so much more!  When this is advertised as portion control program, I think it carries a stigma that only people that over eat could benefit from the program. This is really not the case, I think everyone could benefit from how this plan lays out how to eat from each category.   I feel  this program teaches both portion control, but more importantly how to have a Balanced Diet. Anyone can count calories, but if all your calories aren’t coming from a balanced assortment of foods, your body will be lacking so many needed nutrients and not really allow you to lose weight and feel great. This renewed focus on a balance diet has been really good for me. Trying my hardest to bump up my in track of some veggies and fruits!

I know you are all DYING to know what my results were for the 21 days. I am going to preface your reading with, I am HAPPY with my results.

  • Down 4.5 lbs
  • Down 3″ total
  • Energy is SUPER high
  • Building Muscle-  Now using 10 lb weights, up from 5lb weights on day 1
  • Working out every day- it is in my routine now, you can’t take it away from me 🙂

Today is the first day of round 2!! Can’t wait to see my results after this 2nd round.


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  1. YES!!!! So proud of you girl!! I soooooo agree on Autumn and the PIlates video – OUCH LEG CIRCLES!! Mamma mia! Ay caramba! BUT SOOOO good

    Keep going! You have only just begun this lifestyle journey and I can’t wait to read your next blog post

    PS I love red meat too:-)

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