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The best gift came in the mail a few weeks ago, my SunShine Vox Box!  A year ago I saw someone post about their Vox Box, and I was so jealous! I immediately asked them how they received it and how I could too.  That is how I learned about Influenster, and how you can simply earn free products to review by reviewing other products. I signed up a year ago, but really didn’t use the site until the last few months.  No free stuff was coming my way until I became more active on the site, but now that I am, this fun box is mine.

I know many of you have seen them on people’s IG, FB and Twitter. There is a big following behind them, and everyone likes to profess their love and excitement when they arrive. I was one of those people. I posted the below photo to my IG as soon as it arrived.

I have spent the last few weeks using the products and want to share with you my thoughts on all this free product!


Let’s start with the Dickinson’s Refreshingly Clean Cleansing ClothsI had never seen this brand of wipes. I actually made a really silly mistake with them the first time I used them. For some reason I thought they were body cleansing cloths, and used one to wipe down my arms, face and upper body after I got too sweaty one afternoon.  I then read the package and realized they were just for your face. Oops.  Since then, I have used them every day for the last week. I have really enjoyed the way they have cleaned my skin and refreshed me when I wake up.  The wipes seem to leave my skin cleaner and more moisturized than the store brand makeup remover wipes I normally use.  The only negative about these are the smell. The package claims “botanical extracts” and “aloe”, which I don’t believe make the best smelling product. Not a reason to not use, but maybe one for me to not buy again.  This one might be completely personal.


On to my favorite product in the whole box, Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer.  I never seem sold on anything in a spray can, such as sunscreens. I am also terrible at putting on lotion each day. The Hubby is almost religious about putting on lotion each day because of his dry skin, but I never seem to do the same.  I think it really is the effort needed to put on lotion. Yes I know, it isn’t that hard, but getting the right amount, and making sure it rubs all the way in without having it still leave white streaks everywhere.  Then on top of all of that, you end up with all the extra between your fingers. Yeah, it is a weird problem I have.  So when this Spray Moisturizer arrived I was excited to try it, and my excitement was validated! The spray is easy to put on; just spray and rub a little and you are set.  I haven’t had this smooth of legs in a long time! Well, that is because I never moisturized them until now. With the spray, I have become consistent with my moisturizing routine and plan to continue with the product once my free sample is gone. Really glad the free sample was a regular size bottle, because I would be super sad if it was gone already!


Next product is the Infusium 23 Leave-in Conditioner.  I never use leave-in conditioner either, even though my stylist tells me all the time I should be. I have always had pretty good hair {yes I am boasting} and didn’t feel the need to use a leave-in conditioner. I have only tested out the conditioner one time after a night time shower.  It was an easy product to use, it didn’t smell funny or make my hair feel heavy or gross. I might not be sold on leave-in conditioner, but if I had to use one again, I would use Infusium again.


I knew the box was coming with Sinful Colors Nail Polish and since I love new nail colors, I was pumped.  However, the day the box arrived, it had a blue/teal color in the box.  I was disappointed by the color because it isn’t a typical color I wear.  I am a pink and orange girl; warm colors. It wasn’t a terrible looking color, but I just couldn’t imagine myself actually using the polish.  This past weekend I wore a blue maxi dress, and thought this would be the perfect moment to test out the color.  I thought the color would be too much for my hands, but a pedi sounded perfect. Before we headed out to see the Lynx basketball game, I put on a quick coat. I was impressed with the coverage, cool colors always seem to require more than one coat to cover, but this one didn’t.  As I type, my toenails are still blue, and I think they have grown on me.

Ok, now on to the food in the box! The box included a coupon for barkTHINS Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt. I popped over to the store while at work and picked up the free bag. And in the course of a few days at work, ate the whole bag and didn’t seem to remember to take a photo of me with the bag…  When you put 3 of my favorite flavors, dark chocolate, almonds and sea salt into one product, I am 110% sold.  Obviously, I ate the whole bag.  These were a perfect snack for post mid-morning, post lunch, mid-afternoon, and right before going home. Yes, that is how I ate a whole bag. Love barkTHINS!


The last product was the Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds.  If anyone knows me, they know I didn’t eat these.  I have the weakest stomach for spicy foods, and I really don’t enjoy the flavor of overly spicy foods either.  However, I have a husband that LOVES spicy food. He eats a Thai pepper with almost every meal, so he was the perfect taste tester. I packed the bag in his lunch, and interrogated him over dinner. His review was that these were good, something he would buy again.  He said they were too spicy for someone that doesn’t like spicy, but perfect for someone that does. He felt the taste was true to the sriracha claim.  He repeatedly mentioned that these would be good while drinking beer. True guy review.  I guess I will be buying these again for him…. to partner his beer.

Well, there you have it folks, that was my SunShin Vox Box. I can’t wait to get my next Vox Box and hope I might have convinced you to check out Influenster and get your own Vox Box.





P.S. This is a sponsored post powered by Influenster, and I received a free sample of all of the above mentioned product. All opinions are my own. 
P.S.S. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links, which means I receive compensations for any products you buy using any of the links. 

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