They’re Engaged!

Two of my good friends, Nikki and Billy, got engaged this past weekend. I am so, so excited for them!!

I did a little happy dance in the kitchen when I talked to her about it- Girly skweel and all!

The best part of the whole thing was that he planned a surprise engagement party for her the same night he proposed.  He also secretly requested I make a cake for the celebration.  I was more than excited to make a cake to help them celebrate.

I immediately started searching for cake design ideas and recipes.  I wanted to find a cake that didn’t look too girly, and I wanted to keep it simple.

The cake as a whole turned out better than I had envisioned.  I was in love with the over all look of the cake, but the disappointing part for me was the cake itself. Sometimes we go out on a limb to try a new recipe, but it just doesn’t live up to our expectations.  Everyone who ate the cake complimented me on it, but we are our own biggest critic and this recipe just fell flat on its face in my book. So moral of the story, look at my pretty cake, don’t ask me to share a recipe 🙂

Also- I am still working on my writing skills with a piping bag, so as you can tell we have a handwritten note congratulating the happy couple.

In trying to keep with the simple concept, I finished the cake off with bride and groom strawberries. The future bride and groom were more than thrilled.

Yay! Congratulations to the Happy Couple!

Oh I forgot to mention the best part, they are planning a wedding in Florida for summer 2013… Score!

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