This Whole Workingout Thing


The Hubby and I have been doing the whole workout thing together lately. And we are loving every minute of it.

Yes, I am calling it this “Whole Workout Thing” because that is how everyone else talks to me about it. I swear I hear the same things all the time, “so how is that whole workout thing going” or “I see you have that whole workout thing going on” or “you are into that whole workout thing now”.

I guess for now I will take it. Eventually this will be old news.

It has been fabulous having this stud as my workout partner.

Doesn’t Tom look cute in his Toms t-shirt? He kind of looks like the kid that his mom had to label his clothes before going to school.

Ok, that really was not an original joke. Wasn’t even mine originally, but it sure was funny. The first time I heard it, and the first time I wrote it for you all.

One of these days I will take a sharpie to the shirt and add an apostrophe. just for fun.


We are in week 4 of Focus T25, with Mr. Shaun T.  For the longest time I was terrified of doing a Shaun T workout. He has those abs that seem to go on forever, and is always doing some crazy moves that make me thing he is a super human.  He created a workout plan called Insanity for gosh sakes!

I wouldn’t have started this program without The Hubby requesting it. He saw a commercial for it one night after I had finished my 21 Day Fix DVD, and was like “we should do that workout”. I then proceed to ask for several days if he would prefer a Tony Horton workout as our couples workout, but he was set on Shaun T. I was scared…

Nothing to be scared about anymore. The workouts are hard, but we both have loved the program so far {check out that red faced beauty, just per hotness post workout}.


But then there is someone not so happy about our workout routine.

His name would be Dewey.

Dewey really does not love the family bonding time that revolves around fitness. He prefers the family bonding that gets him cuddles, and kisses.

These are the eyes I normally get during a work out.  In addition to him trying to run between our legs during squats, and lick our faces while in downward dog. There are many treats and toys involved to keep him occupied for the 30 minutes we spend working out.  Seriously dog, why does the idea of me wanting to workout wake you from the curled up napping that you normally do at night?

He sure is cute, but what a stinker!


Oh and one last thing about this “whole workout thing”-  Sweat, all kinds of sweat.

We are talking about face sweat, boob sweat, arm sweat, leg sweat, feet sweat, whole body sweat. It is the grossest and the coolest part of my whole workout.  One really doesn’t feel overly accomplished after a workout that leaves you dripping in sweat. Never has there been a night where I have not been soaked post workout.

I have been trying to document my workouts on IG, and have been pretty successful so far. However, the lighting in our basement makes it pretty hard to capture all the dripping sweat. Believe me, I have tried some pretty awkward angles to get sweaty photos… This is one of the better ones.

These really are good workouts. Adult Tested- Sweat Approved!


So right now I am doing this “whole workout thing”.

I am hoping that eventually people will just start calling me someone who works out.

Until then, I will just keep working out.

Have you started a workout routine lately? What workout are you doing and how are you feeling so far?  

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