You’re Adopted Dewey

Happy 1 Year Adoption Anniversary Dewey!!

I love you, my crazy, silly, jumpy, wild, nosy, needy, snuggle bug!


I never shared how Dewey came to be part of our family. One year later seems like the perfect time to fill you in.

Last August The Boy and I decided to officially move in with each other.  Big step for us.  It was the first time either of us had lived with our other half. We had discussed getting a dog together, but since we didn’t live together yet, we hadn’t pulled the trigger. We were open to the idea of adopting and had become pros at surfing the rescue sites and checking in on  {A great website to check out if you are looking to adopt.}  You can filter by animals in your area looking for a forever home, from multiple different organizations.  Wednesday prior to me moving in, I was surfing the site and stumbled on a posting for an adorable 6 month old lab/dachshund mix.  I could not get over how cute he was! After doing some research on what the mix would grow into, let’s be honest, this mix is so uncommon there isn’t a ton out there, I decided I would fill out the application. Based on all the disclaimers stating “Please allow up to 7 days to hear back on your application from our volunteer team,” nothing could be hurt by filling out the application.  I had no idea if the little guy would still be available, yet another reason filling it out seemed harmless. After filling out the application, I sent a photo to The Boy via text because he was somewhere in the mountains of South Dakota on a bike trip with his friends.


Oh, yes. You read that right. I sent the application before even showing The Boy the profile for this dog. I justified this thought process in three ways 1) we had talked so much about what type of dog we wanted {I say type and not breed because we both wanted a black lab, but know that was too large for a condo. So we were looking for a smaller dog, but loved the characteristics of a lab} 2) I didn’t want to lose this opportunity to apply to adopt this puppy by waiting, and 3) I didn’t really think we would hear anything for a whole week, minimum.

One hour after sending in my application, I received a phone call from the rescue group.  She had one clarifying question, and once I answered she said “Congratulations, your application has been approved. We would love to setup time for you to meet the puppy to determine compatibility.”  Well now, that was not 7 days. The Boy hadn’t even responded to my text about the application. I was pretty sure I was going to be in trouble. None the less, I had a feeling about this puppy so I setup a meeting time.  I waited to share the news with The Boy until that night when he called. He was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, but he too couldn’t resist the cuteness of this little puppy.


Two days after moving in together, we went to meet our puppy. Before we were living together a whole week, we had completed the adoption process, and our puppy was able to come home with us! In the few days prior to getting him home, we had a few conversations about his name. We went in circles on names we each liked, but none we could agree on. In the middle of maybe the 3rd conversation on names, I mentioned I would be open to keeping the name the rescue had given him.  After some thought, we felt the name wasn’t one we would have picked, but we really liked it.  And that is how DEWEY came to live with us.

Throughout the process with Twin Cities Pet Rescue, which was pretty great to work with, we learned Dewey had been rescued as a stray puppy off an Indian Reservation in Northern MN.  He and his sister had been found together as very small abandoned puppies. They were very ill, and the rescue spent 3 months bringing them back to health before they adopted them out.  Dewey’s sister was adopted right away, but Dewey waited an extra 2 months to find his forever home with us 🙂


I don’t know what I would do without this little guy in our lives. He is my furry little child.


Who sleeps all the time.


Gets sick after jumping on a table and eating a dozen peanut butter balls. Luck for him and I, before they were coated in chocolate.


Sleeps some more. He really sleeps in the strangest positions.


He LOVES to dance. With or without music. Totally like his parents 🙂


Enjoys sleeping on the front seat during long car rides to see family up north.



Oh did I mention he sleeps a lot?


Much like the rest of his family, he goes all out for game day! His favorite blanket is his Vikings blanket.


Notorious toy hoarder.


Lover of being outside. A day at the dog park will put him in a sleep coma for 2 days!


Watch dog of the backyard. I am waiting for the day he captures a squirrel- not sure what my plan will be when it happens however.

And those gross smudges on the door are from a wet little nose that gets too excited when he sees said squirrels.


He really can’t get enough of his new backyard. He enjoys every minute we spend out there. Even if it is supervising while I garden.


Dewey, I am so happy you came into our lives. I can’t imagine coming home anymore to anything but your jumpy, excited self.  Know I am just as excited to see you every day as you are to see me 🙂


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