Recently I ordered myself some new business cards. My original ones were printed from my home inkjet printer, made with a basic word document template. Then folded on the perforated line.


I thought it was time to class it up some with increased blogging, beachbody work, and networking I plan to do in the coming months.

I wanted something that was really me.  I don’t have an updated logo yet for the blog, {that will be coming soon!} but thought I could get by with something generic.   I used Vista Print for a few other things before, and started browsing the site.

I think I looked at about 100 different designs until I landed on the one I used.  Simple, clean, and a pop of personality.

Here is the front.


 And then my favorite part about the whole card is the back.

IMG_0672.JPGBecause it really is true.

As a food blogger/love to cook/bake everything person, working out has been my way of not increasing the number on the scale any more than where it already is at.

I am super in love with my new cards. I basically want to frolic down the halls and throw them out at everyone.

Ok-that would be weird, and I would run out fast. So I will skip that and just hand them out to every new person I meet, and maybe a few people I already know :)

Do you need any business cards? Or invitations?  Or thank you cards?

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*** this is not a sponsored or paid post. all reviews and opinions are my own. i really wish they were paying me...***


As I told you the other day it was the Hubby’s Birthday on Monday. He turned the big old…. ok… he would killl me if I told you, sorry.

For his birthday this year I asked him where he wanted to go out to eat. Normally we try to go somewhere extra nice for birthdays.  Minus mine this year was pizza for lunch, and take out Chinese for a late dinner. It was still fantastic, but not “fancy”.

This year The Hubby said he wanted me to cook at home. He said that anything I would make at home would be just as good, if not better than a restaurant. That was a HUGE compliment, seeing as how we went to Capital Grill last year for his birthday.

With that bar set, I wanted to make sure it was a delicious, memorable meal. I pulled out all the stops on this one!


We started dinner with an appetizer of Thai Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps . This dish was specifically requested by the birthday boy. I make them all the time, mostly because they are a hit, but they are also super easy to make. And what the Hubby doesn’t realize, super healthy too!


For the main course, I made Seared Scallops, Grilled Lobster Tails, Portabella Mushroom and Bacon Risotto and Asparagus.  That is a super full plate isn’t it?

I was planning to only make the scallops, but the need to make sure people are full over came me. I was worried that 3 scallops was not going to fill everyone up. I added the lobster tails last minute because I had them in my freezer from a fabulous deal I got at the grocery store for New Year’s. Let’s just say I should not have been worried. We were all overly stuffed after the meal.

The recipes I used for the meal were ones that I had not tested out before, so they have not made their way to the blog yet, but due to their wild success, they will be appearing again soon.

Lucky Hubby, he will get to eat them again, not on his birthday. It will be like a birthday repeat for him… jealous…

Or maybe I shouldn’t be jealous, because I will benefit from the recipe remake too…


For dessert he asked that I not make cake. WHO doesn’t want cake on their Birthday???

I threw out about 50 ideas for desserts and all of them were shot down. Then in the hours leading up to dinner I suggested Mini Pecan Pies with Ice Cream, and got a full hearted “YES”.

Wow, if only I had through of that one sooner.

And we all know that pie tastes infinity better with ice cream, however the Hubby and lactose don’t really like each other.  I even made a special stop to pick up lactose free ice cream.

I am an amazing wife, aren’t I?


 Well maybe I am Amazing and Funny at the same time… Trick sparkler candles anyone???


 And more importantly his birthday present was a HUGE success as well- Samsung Sound Bar w/ Wireless Subwoofer. I can’t wait to watch more movies (well, once the hubby gets around to setting it up!) . The Oscars have me wanting to watch a ton of films I haven’t seen yet! Aren’t you itching to see some too??

Over all the Birthday was a success!

I truly am the best wife ;)




Rachel_Tom_Wedding2014-417I sure do love this vest loving, football obsessed, strong minded, opinionated, caring, kind, giving, bad bet maker, generous, goofy, protector, happy, loving, hubby of mine.

I wish for you another year full of living life to the fullest, seeing the world,  exploring new things, amazing adventures, lots of laughter, and true happiness.

Happy Birthday to my Husband!



Isn’t he so handsome ;)





Quick post today, but I wanted to share a Shakeology recipe that we have been loving in our house lately.  I even made it for us on Valentine’s Day. And went SUPER romantic by serving it in a wine glass.  I think from now on, I should drink my Shakeology from a wine glass, makes me feel fancy ;)

Happy Friday!

Avocado Strawberry Dream Shakeology

yields 1 shake 

  • 1/4 Avocado 
  • 1 cup whole frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology
  • 1 cup cold water
  1. Put it all in the blender and blend until smooth! Enjoy!




With Lent starting yesterday and this being the first year I am trying to get The Hubby to follow the Catholic tradition of no meat on Fridays during Lent, so I thought I would put together a list of recipes that will keep him from sneaking meat behind closed doors. Since I was putting together the list already, I thought I would share them.  The photo above is from our Ash Wednesday dinner. I  have him one day in with no slip ups, lets hope it lasts.

You will notice many of them have fish or seafood, that is the only way I will accomplish my goal of having him follow along.

1. We really love ordering fajitas when we go out for Mexican food, so this recipe for Skillet Shrimp Fajitas would be right up our alley.

2. I am not a huge fan of baked fish, but this Baked Cod recipe, which normally isn’t too fishy tasting of a fish and it has Parmesan cheese on it, sounds like it would be a winner.

3.  My recipe for Salt and Pepper Shrimp will more than likely needs to be made at some point.  I love this recipe, and always order it when we go out to eat. Also, Happy Lunar New Year again!

4. Shrimp Fried Quinoa will more than likely make an appearance during Lent as well.  Rice could always be used in place of the quinoa.

5. Maybe I will even get fancy one night and make some Sesame Seared Tuna to put on top of a salad. I will probably need to serve a basket of rolls or a bowl of rice with it because The Hubby never seems to think salads are filling enough for dinner.

6. I might always fake take out again and make Shrimp and Pea Pod Stir Fry. Always a hit at our house.

7.  This Sun Dried Tomato and Mushroom recipe was a hit on Sunday when I made it. I would just add more mushrooms to make it more filling as a meal (Sunday I added grilled chicken).

8. If I made these Mexican Stuffed Peppers, The Hubby might not even realize there is no meat in them. They look pretty hearty and pretty clean to me.

9. Baked potatoes with all kinds of toppings- sour cream, cheese, salsa, cottage cheese, onion, black beans, etc.- are always a great option. However, I think The Hubby would be asking where his steak is.

10.  For one of my clean eating challenges I made Shrimp, Spinach and Artichoke Quesadillas  and The Hubby really enjoyed them then. Looks like they will probably have to make another appearance!
And there you have it 10 options for Friday night dinners during lent.

Oh, did I mention that I gave up sweets for Lent? Which means no desserts-cookies, cakes, bars- or candy for me until Easter. I might perish. Please make sure you check in on me frequently…


Did you give something up for lent this year,? What are you refraining from until the Easter bunny arrives? 

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