Our First House

We bought our first home in June of 2013.   The house was built in 1948, with several of the original features. Over 3 years, we made updates to almost every room in the house, before we sold it in September of 2016.  This was the first house I bought on my own, and the first house The Hubby and I lived in together.  We got engaged in this house, we held our wedding in this house, and we loved this house.  While living in the house, I had lots of ambitions on things I wanted to change, and was able to complete most of them in the time we lived there. Check out all the changes that took place in the house in the few years it was our home!

Kitchen- Before

Our First House Before Kitchen

Kitchen- After

Updates made to the kitchen: New wall paint, white trim, new blinds, tile backsplash, and open shelves.




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Main Level Bathroom- Before 


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Dinning Room- Before 


Master Bedroom- Before 


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