And we have light!

More house projects coming along around here.  Most recently our bathroom, the lighting was terrible. Seriously, the grossest thing in the whole world. Might have been elevated by the brown walls they were on. Regardless those lights had to go.

See for yourself, the bathroom looks so dark, and small.


And go they did.

Along with a large section of my wall!

The story goes like this:

Boy and I were walking through Menards a few weeks ago discussing items we need for the house. And I insist that we need to change the bathroom lighting. The Boy not being too handy {yet} tells me that moving from side lights to a top light would be too much work and he could not do it. Basically killing the conversation on a new light.  Not 10 minutes later while in the paint section, the Menards gods sent me a savior to solve my dilemma.  Long, The Boy’s friend walk past us in the store.  Looking like he belonged in the store, The Boy consults him on the light change I had proposed. He says “oh yeah, that is easy. I could help with that.” Pretty sure I did a little jig right there in the store.  I was going to get a new light fixture! Long said the project would be easy, and only require a small hole in my wall.  The guys chatted over this project while I compared paint colors for the bathroom. Now that I could change the light, painting must take place too.  Yeee I was soo excited!

Fast forward to the night Long came to help us with the project. We started by spending 5 minutes yelling up and down the stairs, switching on and off breakers. Looks like none of the breakers are labeled right in our house. Add that project to the list!

The Boy took a photo of the lights up close before we started. Don’t you just love his style?

Check out those poop colored walls too? Gross!


After a few hours of cutting a bigger and bigger hole in my wall, re-stringing the wiring, moving the mounting box, then patching it all back in. Long left with my wall looking like this.

Again this photo highlights the grossness that was once the ceiling and walls of my bathroom!

Who paints their ceiling brown? And can you see the weird streaking? I say it again, the color had to go!

After a few more coats of putty and sanding, and the wall was ready for paint and the new light we picked out!

Today I am only going to show you the light, not the whole bathroom.  You do get a sneak peek here of the color I picked, the new mirror, and the fresh new WHITE ceiling!

Ahhh, now that feels so much better!


Don’t worry, just finishing up the last touches on the bathroom and then I will share a full reveal!  And I am  in love with how our new bathroom looks, can’t wait to share!

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