10 Gift Ideas for the Female Entrepreneur in Your Life

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Its Day 9 of 25 Days of Christmas My Urban Oven Style and I am bringing you more gift ideas!

I would call myself a Female Entrepreneur.  I have a passion for growing this blog into something bigger and better than it is today. Who knows, maybe even something that could retire me from my day job.  With my Beachbody business and blog business, I have met a lot of other women like me, trying to create something of their own.

I put together this list of gifts with all my female entrepreneur friends in mind!


1. Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur by Cara Alwill Leyba, $13

I haven’t read this book yet, but I have been meaning to which is why I added it to the list. I love a good book to get me motivated about pushing myself to the next level. The energy from a good read is fantastic.


2. Building My Empire Notebook from Trendy Sparrow, $15

I am obsessed with anything made by Trendy Sparrow.  I already own her travel mug that says “Bloggers Gonna Blog”, and have almost worn it out I use it so much.  I have been coveting this journal for a while now.  For someone working on growing a business or starting one, having a place to keep your thoughts or store notes from meetings, this journal is perfect.


3. 17 Month Planner from Kate Spade, $30

Planners are the life blood of anyone busy.  I know some people think that written planners are obsolete and electronic are the only way to go now, but I disagree. I still love to have my life written down somewhere.  Planning posts, planning appointments, and keeping up with all the activities that The Hubby and I take part in, I need a place that I can easily add and take things out.  And who wouldn’t love a planner that doesn’t look pretty?  I love anything with some shine.


4. 24 month Forbes Magazine Subscription, $30

No ones reads paper magazines anymore. False! I love a good magazine to take traveling or relax with on a weekend morning. There still is something to flipping the pages and reading articles you wouldn’t have expected to read.  I think the Forbes subscription is perfect because of the focus on business, and the great gift that lasts 2 years! It might not be fun to wrap, but the person you give it to will be thinking about you every month when it arrives.


5. Women’s Merona® Ostrich Tote Bag, from Target, $30

A fabulous tote makes any woman feel good, but an oversized tote that can store all of you things and a computer is key for a woman on the go.  This tote has classic details but a fun texture to make it stand out and look great with anything.


6. Jackery Mini Portable Charger , $15

I don’t know how we all lived without our cell phones attached to our hips, but I also don’t know how anyone lived with out a portable charger.  When you’re on the go, and don’t have time to tether yourself to a wall for an hour to recharge your phone, these portable changers are fantastic.  I love that I can throw my phone on the charger while in my purse and not worry about it ever dying on me. Also, when you are trying to build a business you will find you phone is key to making that happen, so you never want it to die.


7. Vista Print Gift Card, $20+

Anyone starting a new business needs business cards. When meeting new people or business acquaintances you want to leave an impression with a great looking business card, as well as leaving your contact information.  It is always hard to meet someone and after having a great conversation not remembering their name or having a way to connect with them later.  And if they already have business cards, this gift card can be used for so many more items for a business.


8. Custom Business Card Holder, $18

To go along with the business cards, a custom or special looking card holder is always a great gift.  I like this cute gold envelop shaped card holder.  I need a new case for my cards, and have been in the market for one. This case might just get ordered for my business cards.


9. Starbucks Gift Cards, $20+

If you gave a Starbucks gift card to just about anyone they would love you, but to someone trying to grow a business coffee is a must.  They will be thankful for not only supplying their energy on the long days, but also because they maybe using that local coffee shop to work.  I personally like to get away and take my laptop to a coffee shop to work for an afternoon, and buying a beverage is always a must.


10. Apple Airbook 13″ 128 GB, $1000

I know this one is much bigger of a gift than the rest of the list, but anyone looking to grow a business needs a great work station to do it.  Its doesn’t doesn’t have to be an Airbook, but since The Hubby just bought me one for my business, I picked it for this list. I am completely obsessed with how light weight, easy and fast this computer is.  It has been the perfect tool for me to step up my blogging game.

I hope you were able to find a gift for that entrepreneur in your life!

Remember to stay tuned for more of 25 Days of Christmas My Urban Oven Style!

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