5 Gift Ideas for the Hard to Buy for Person on Your List

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Day 17 of 25 Days of Christmas My Urban Oven Style!

Today I have been thinking about the last minute gifts that I need to buy.  The people I have left are the ones that stump me every year.  They are the people that might tell me throughout the year “I want that for Christmas”, but I never write it down. Or they are the people {like me & The Hubby} that if there is something that they want, they go buy it.

You 100% know what people I am talking about don’t you? I bet you still have a few of them to shop for as well.

I also admit that the person on my list I am having a bit of a panic moment about is The Hubby. I have been thinking for weeks on what I should get him for Christmas, and I am stuck!  As I mentioned already, he is just like me, if we want it we go buy it. So what do you buy for that person that has everything?

I thought I would put together a sort of random list of ideas for you and maybe they will spark an idea for you, or they might be the perfect fit for the person still stumping you.

Bonus: Most of these are from Amazon, so if you have Prime you can still get all of these gifts before Christmas Eve.


1. EEEKit 2-in-1 Car Solution Kit iPhone & Samsung+ Dual USB 2 Ports Car Cigarette Lighter Charger Mount Holder+LCD 3.5mm Port Handsfree FM Transmitter, Amazon $15

I have one of these in my car, and it was actually a gift a few years ago from my mother-in-law.  When I opened it I was super skeptical, but it has come in super handy.  The mount allows me to plug in directions and have them visible while driving without fumbling around for my phone.  It also doubles as a double USB port so you and your passenger can plug in your phone at the same time.

2. Jenga GIANT Premium Hardwood Game, Amazon $124

I don’t own this one, but would love to. We have played the Gian Jenga version at a few parties, and it is the perfect summer backyard game.  We love having parties in the summer and always have our bean bag boards and ladder golf setup. This would be a perfect summer BBQ addition.

3. Pandemic Board Game, Target $25

The Hubby and I are currently obsessed with this new game.  We have had a half a dozen game nights with friends in the last few months, and we always pull out this game. It is the first game I have ever played where all the players play together to beat the game, and “table talk” is encouraged.  Board games are a perfect out of the box ideas for a Christmas gift.

4. FlipBelt – USA Original Patent, Amazon $29

This gift could do double duty, for a runner/athlete like it is advertised as, or for the traveler in your life. Super practical for someone in your life that likes to go out for a run, but needs to carry an ID, keys or phone. Even when I am out walking the dog, I need somewhere to carry my possessions, and a purse doesn’t always seem right. I bought this belt before our last Europe trip, and wore it under my clothes when we were at high tourist areas.  They always say to keep your money, and passport close to your body. The belt lays flat and can be hidden to prevent pick pocketing.

5. Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon $40

We have this in our house along with our Prime membership, and love it. You can connect your TV to so many apps, like Netflix, HBO, ShowTime, ABC, Beachbody On Demand, etc. You can also rent or buy movies from it with a click of a button. Perfect for a night in.  The stick turns any TV into a Smart TV without having to buy a new TV. I love that I can be on Netflix in a click of a button, and not have to watch it on my laptop.

I hope you found some inspiration from this list!

Now, do you have any ideas for me to get The Hubby?

Remember to stay tuned for the last 8 days of 25 Days of Christmas My Urban Oven Style! 

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